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Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment is a detailed technical investigation of a specific property and the surrounding area for potential liability concerns. The majority of lending institutions, private lenders included, now require a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment to be performed prior to committing any loan dollars for commercial transactions. This helps protect both the property buyer or purchaser and the lender from possible unknown environmental concerns. SAW Environmental Services conducts Phase I Environmental Assessments in accordance with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) 1527-00 standard. A Phase I Environmental Assessment collects information from:
  • Historical research to identify previous uses of the property and surrounding areas that may indicate the potential for site contamination.
  • Comprehensive search of government environmental records for the property and surrounding area.
  • On site inspection of interior and exterior conditions of a property and structures by an environmental professional.
  • Interviews with past and current owners and operators, and local environmental and government agencies.
  • SAW provides a detailed report outlining the findings of the Phase I Environmental Assessment along with our specific conclusions and recommendations regarding existing and/or potential environmental liabilities associated with the property.
Phase I Environmental Assessments for lending institutions

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