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About Us

When it comes to creating innovative solutions to environmental problems, our services are chosen with the future in mind. Creating intelligent solutions for a changing world. SAW Environmental was founded in 1993 bridging the gap between consulting and contracting services. We established an environmental firm to not only consult and plan environmental projects, but also coordinate their actual implementation to provide complete, turnkey service. Accordingly, SAW Environmental emerged from the 90s as a full service environmental firm qualified to perform a wide variety of both consulting and contracting services. The myriad of government regulations regarding environmental issues are continually complicated by legislative initiatives, judicial interpretations, and mounting public concerns. Remaining current with these changes continues to be one of SAW Environmental's primary goals. SAW Environmental is committed to providing responsive, efficient and comprehensive environmental services. We take pride in providing for our clients needs, with an emphasis on customer satisfaction and working within the client’s budget. SAW Environmental's clients are broad-based, ranging from industrial and commercial, to agricultural and residential. Assuring the Health and Value of Properties

Yesterday's "miracle" materials have become today's environmental hazards. The legacy of past industrial practices has a profound economic impact on current property owners, with the presence or lack of environmental concerns and their associated liability being significant factors in a property’s value. Public awareness of these issues has brought about a host of governmental legislation and a need for environmental solutions. SAW’s experience enables us to identify these hazards and potential liabilities through our site investigation, hazard assessment and project management services. SAW’s goal is to satisfy all environmental, health and safety concerns with minimal disruption to our client's business.

Our Mission

We recognize the importance of service to our Clients. While most companies may state and advertise its good intentions, often the service reality does not meet the service promise. Since the founding of our company, from the President to our technicians, our ultimate focus has been and will continue to be service. Sustained company growth has allowed SAW to retain key personnel, ensuring the level of onsite skill and experience critical to project success. We strongly believe that this dedication is the primary key to our more than a decade long business success. It is our mission to continue this dedication in the future, and to become the most respected environmental consultants and contractors in western New York with respect being derived from our integrity, work ethic, technical expertise and consistent performance.

Project Experience

To date, SAW has completed over 2,500 projects, spanning a broad spectrum of the environmental industry. Projects have included:
  • Underground/Aboveground Storage Tank Removals from 275 to 20,000 gallons
  • Phase I Environmental Site Site Investigations
  • Phase II Environmental Assessments
  • Soil Excavation and Off-site Disposal
  • Soil and Groundwater Treatment Systems
  • Design/Installation/Operation & Maintenance
  • Groundwater Sampling & Monitoring Programs
  • Biocell Construction & Maintenance
  • Wetland Delineation

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