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Our Team

Often you hear about the danger of building friendships between management and staff. Corporate policy and/or management philosophy often prevents personal unity between employees. SAW has a different approach that has been successful with our staff. We believe that our team works because we know our staff on a personal basis and business level. Our team is built on personal character as well as professional expertise in the environmental field. Relationships, both inside and outside the working environment has helped formulate the team we are today. We are well aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses and plan our projects accordingly. We also support the discussion of ideas and opinions without reservation. Each team member has the opportunity to interact with our clients, market new customers, and involve themselves with daily operations.

We truly enjoy our profession, the people we work with and the opportunity satisfy our clients needs.

Professional Experience

Mr. Justin Adams - Is experienced in conducting Phase I environmental site assessments, Phase II subsurface investigations, removal of underground storage tanks, and remediation of soil and groundwater contaminated with petroleum products and heavy metals. As a Biologist, Mr. Adams is experienced in conducting wetland delineations of certain habitats for the development and zoning of various residential and commercial properties.

Mr. David Engert - Is a Geologist and Project Manager experienced in conducting Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments, subsurface investigations and remediation of soil and groundwater contaminated with petroleum products and hazardous materials. In addition, Mr. Engert is experienced with development and implementation of a broad variety of environmental regulatory compliance programs such as Storm Water Pollution Prevention, Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures and hazardous materials storage, transportation and disposal.

Mr. Frank Thomas - Is a Project Manager and is experienced in conducting Phase I and Phase II environmental property assessments, subsurface investigations, soil-gas investigations and remediation of chemically contaminated groundwater and soil. Mr. Thomas is also a wetland biologist who conducts wetland evaluations and delineation’s. Mr. Thomas is a Principal of SAW Environmental Services and has over 11 years of professional experience.

Mr. Jon Heerkens - Is an Engineering Geologist who has applied his education and experience to manage a variety of subsurface investigations and remediation projects associated with soil and water contamination. In addition, his strong construction background enables him to accomplish all construction related tasks in a timely and cost effective manner. Mr. Heerkens emergency services and command management training has benefited our clients during rapid response and emergency spill situations. Experience in these areas is paramount when dealing with regulatory officials. Mr. Heerkens has managed in excess of 1,500 environmental projects over the past thirteen years.

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